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Sometimes in a big pond, you have to wait a long time for your chance to shine. Not here...

Be big.

Shine now.

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What's it like working at NPC?

We live in a small pond, but we do big things for our customers. We've grown to nearly 500 employees since our founding in 1954. We will continue to grow, but a few things will never change. We dream big, we act small, and most importantly, we take care of the people who take care of the company.

You'll have more than just co-workers here. You'll have all the support of the extended NPC family. Originality, curiosity and innovation are always encouraged. We view challenges as opportunities, and we work collaboratively to make ideas happen... all while having a lot of fun in the process.

"I think it's almost required to have a sense of humor here. Results and performance are crucial to our success, but so is having fun."

-- Jimmy Carrieri, employee since March 2005

We think you'll like it here.

No pecking order or climbing corporate ladders.
Hierarchies and big fancy job titles don't mean much to us. Every employee is an important piece of our puzzle. We empower you to take initiative and influence our collective success.

Contribute in meaningful ways.
We do a lot of really cool things for our customers, and we're obsessed with constantly working to serve them better. We can assure you there is never a shortage of challenging and interesting things to be done.

You can learn a lot.
Our approachable leaders embrace opportunities to mentor and teach anyone curious enough to learn. Their diverse backgrounds coupled with years of experience gives "getting a business education" a whole new meaning.

Our Mission

"To provide the means for self-reliant individuals to improve both their quality of life and standard of living."

Are you a good fit for NPC, and (maybe just as important) is NPC a good fit for you?

We look for individuals with...

Integrity and courage to do what's right, and take responsibility for your actions.

Knowledge and ability to quickly grasp complex concepts, and then apply them to real-life situations.

Ambition to constantly seek new challenges and expand the possibilities for our customers.

We've made the list for 8 straight years...

We're looking for ridiculously awesome & talented people, just like you.


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