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Transform your publications into a fully searchable digital archive with the Enivation® solution

Enivation, a branded service of NPC, combines the benefits of publication scanning with managed web hosting to provide an all-inclusive solution to preserve, and then share, your printed history.

Our non-destructive scanning and archiving process takes your older, sensitive physical publications and turns them into a fully searchable digital archive. Add our digital library web hosting and customized search feature to empower your organization and members to Share Your History online with anyone, anywhere in the world. It's like having your very own customized search engine!

If you want to showcase your historical magazines and other bound publications, our digital flipbook publishing service enables you to bring these publications to life with real page-turning features, completely searchable text pages and a custom design that closely matches your organization's brand.

Enivation's services are flexible enough to provide a scanning and archiving solution for a number of different types of organizations.

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Publication Scanning and Archiving

Publication Scanning & Archiving

Preserve your history with non-destructive book scanning

Digital Library Web Hosting

Digital Library Web Hosting

Share Your History with a dedicated custom site

Digital Flipbook Publishing

Digital Flipbook Publishing

Transform traditional print into something more...

Project Funding

Project Funding

Ways to pay for your archiving project