NPC announces merger of wholly owned subsidiary Immersion, Ltd.

January 1, 2015

CLAYSBURG, PA — Effective January 1, 2015, NPC, Inc., as the continuing company will fully absorb Immersion, Ltd., which will subsequently be dissolved. Immersion® will remain a registered trademark of NPC, and NPC data breach notification services will now be called NPC’s Immersion® Data Breach Response. There will be no change to company name, address or business operations of NPC, Inc. as a result of the merger.

Download a PDF of the NPC-Immersion merger FAQs

Immersion logoCreated in 2006, Immersion specializes in data breach response services. NPC has operated in the background, providing the core of Immersion’s operations including data breach notification, address list management, return mail management, contact center services, and audit documentation services. As a result, Immersion has experienced considerable growth over the past few years and is a recognized leader in the cyber insurance and privacy communities.

The objective of the merger is to further broaden and improve NPC’s product and service offering to this market, and continue to generate true value for our customers. The absorption contributes to the simplification of NPC and Immersion’s sales and operating structures, and allows for the maximization of collaboration across the organization in the pursuit of new business solutions for our clients.

NPC is deeply committed to making significant steps in accelerating growth strategies within the cyber and privacy communities. We are thrilled to announce Larissa Crum will begin her new role as NPC’s Executive VP of Strategic Sales. She will continue to bring transformative value to our customers, and in her new role will increase NPC’s capacity to accelerate growth strategies within the communities we serve. Shawn Melito will assume the role within NPC of Senior Account Executive, focusing exclusively on NPC’s Immersion® Data Breach Response services.

We are confident that our restructuring will have a positive impact on both our current and future customers.

If you have any questions about this news, please call 800.847.5757, email or visit the NPC Immersion® Data Breach Response section of our website.

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