Advice from Jimmy...

"Short-term inconveniences can lead to long-term benefits. Keep adapting and growing your skills so that when opportunities come along, you will be prepared to tackle them head on."

Jimmy Carrieri
Production Supervisor
NPC employee since 2005

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NPC's Jimmy Carrieri

Experience both professional and personal development.

"I love the team atmosphere, it’s definitely helped me grow. I used to be anxious when speaking in front of others, but now I handle situations with confidence."

Suzanne Davis
Contact Center Supervisor
NPC employee since 2010

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NPC's Suzanne Davis

You're part of a great support system that helps you succeed.

"Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. There are plenty of talented people here to help you if you have questions along the way. Spend time early on learning who people are and what value they bring to the team so you know who to go to for help when you need it."

Sonny Steward
Manager at Barneywood
NPC employee since 2010

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NPC's Sonny Steward

Make the most of your career.

NPC's Mike Hileman

"A career at NPC is not always clearly defined, which is the best part. You have the opportunity to influence the direction of your career based on your drive and interests. Just because you begin down one career path, doesn’t mean that you are ‘stuck’ with that decision."

Mike Hileman
Document Processing Supervisor
NPC employee since 2002

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NPC takes care of the people who take care of the company...

“Check out our website or talk to someone who works here to get a feel for NPC. Learn about our culture and what NPC stands for. We’re passionate about who we are and what we do, and we want you to share that passion, too.”

Missy Helsel
Account Manager
NPC employee since 1995

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NPC's Missy Helsel

You can always trust your team.

“Have a positive attitude and be a team player. If you are willing to help others, they will return the favor. We have a lot of great people here who want to see others succeed.”

Sara Baker
Senior Programmer
NPC employee since 1997

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