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A data breach happens. How will you respond?

When a data breach occurs you are now legally obligated to notify all affected individuals.

Failure to deliver notifications by a certain date not only affects hundreds, thousands or even millions of people, but also affects your reputation.

So what do you do?

Whether the breach is large or small, international or domestic, or whether you need individual services or a complete solution, we're ready when you need us. Leave nothing to chance. Working with a trusted data breach response partner can significantly impact how quickly and properly you respond — ultimately saving you time, money and minimizing the damage to your company's reputation.

NPC's Immersion® Data Breach Response services are a leader in the cyber insurance and privacy communities. We understand that timely, accurate data breach response and data breach notification are critical to a company’s legal obligation to notify and, most importantly, to the company’s reputation. That’s why we partner with most of the top insurance companies and privacy attorneys in the country so you can be sure your notifications are expeditious, precise and in accordance with federal and state regulations.

Data Breach Response brochure

When Notice Matters... Are you ready to respond?
Protect your company's reputation. Minimize security risks. Deliver accurate, timely communications.

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Our experience in data breach notification began in 2006 when the infamous laptop was stolen from a Veterans Affairs employee, and we helped notify over 28 million affected individuals. Since then, our credentialed privacy professionals have gained extensive in-the-trenches experience assisting customers during over a thousand individual data breach incidents. Our services include:

  • Address list management
  • Mail and email notifications and verification
  • Return mail management
  • Audit documentation for HHS OCR, State Attorneys General and class action lawsuits
  • Call center services.
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The Immersion Advantage

The Immersion® Advantage

Our experience is your benefit

Address List Managemnet

Address List Management

Making efficient, cost-effective use of your contact lists

Mail and Email Notifications

Mail & Email Notifications

Timely, accurate delivery from an experienced provider

Return Mail Management

Return Mail Management

What to do with returned mail? We'll take care of it

Call Center Services

Call Center Services

Communicate with concerned customers using our Incident-specific call center services

Audit Documentation

Audit Documentation

Providing necessary reporting to accommodate an audit or inquiry

Notice Authenticator

Notice Authenticator

Security feature to verify authenticity