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Project Funding

Discover different ways to fund your archiving and scanning project

The ability to share accomplishments, lessons learned and newsworthy events from the past can often positively impact and mold the present and future of your company, group or organization. The Enivation archiving and scanning solution can help accomplish those goals, but sometimes funding a project like this – large or small – can be quite a challenge.

NPC understands that these initiatives take time and cost money, and there's not always room in your budget for these types of "necessary" projects. Since there is already a copy of your printed history, it is tempting and sometimes makes financial sense to delay the planning of an archiving project. However, unforeseen circumstances like water damage, theft, loss or even a disaster such as a fire, can turn these one-time good intentions into a necessity that may or may not be possible after the fact.

Here are some ideas to help you fund your archiving project, safeguard your history for years to come and share those important moments with an unlimited audience online or even just a targeted group within your office:

Financial Planning

Simply, make this part of your budget. Whenever you begin to plan for the upcoming fiscal year, include "archiving and scanning your printed history" as part of the agenda.

Phi Kappa Tau fraternity realized the importance of making over 100 years of its magazine, The Laurel, accessible to its brothers worldwide. Through calculated financial planning that began in 2012, the Phi Kappa Tau online digital archive was unveiled in early 2013 to complement the fraternity's website.

Our digital archives allows our members to dig through their chapter history and not only find fun facts about their chapter, but also see pictures and stories of the brothers who came before them.

Communication Coordinator
Phi Kappa Tau

Donor Gift

Sometimes, it is an individual within an organization who realizes the benefits of archiving historical materials. That was the case with Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and the preservation of its Shield & Diamond magazine. One philanthropic fraternity member embraced the vision for saving Pi Kappa Alpha's history by making a generous donation to lead the funding initiative.

Read Pi Kappa Alpha's funding story (PDF)

Foundation Grant

With an annual national convention on the horizon and a desire to showcase its history, Alpha Delta Pi sorority didn't have the luxury of planning for the following year's budget or surveying membership to pay for its archiving project.

Alpha Delta Pi, the oldest sorority in the world, turned to its Foundation and was able to secure a grant to pay for the scanning of over 100 years of publications and then the creation of an online digital archive that was ready in time for the convention.

Ask for Help

One of the goals of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation was to digitize the complete collection of its magazine, The Key, for its sesquicentennial in 2020 as part of its Vision 2020 initiative.

After the Foundation announced in the March 2014 edition of Museums eNews that NPC's Enivation® scanning and archiving solution was the choice for this digitization project, it included a few lines asking for help from members.

The digital archive of The Key magazine was available in early 2015

" The prospect of being able to offer online access to stories and articles in every issue of The Key is very exciting and promises to enrich our educational and research opportunities. Please make a donation to The Key digitization project today. With your help, the searchable database of The Key can be fully operational by 2015! "

View the Kappa Kappa Gamma archive of The Key magazine

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