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Publication Scanning and Archiving

Preserve your printed history with our non-destructive approach to book scanning

Whether it’s hard cover or soft cover books, magazines, journals, periodicals, manuals or newspapers, our publication scanning solution creates a seamless transition from in-your-hand materials to on-your-screen documents.

NPC's dedicated, experienced book scanning team takes extra-special care to preserve the physical integrity of all of your materials. And if security is a concern, your materials will be handled and scanned in a low-traffic, secure location within our secure production facility.

Our book scanners use a v-shaped holding frame so your publications can be opened and scanned face-up, without putting any unnecessary stress on the binding of your books. This non-destructive process helps maintain the physical appearance of your books while delivering the most accurate, crisp scans possible.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

A collection of journals and magazines from as far back as the early 1900s – totalling nearly 100,000 pages – were scanned and archived using Enivation's non-destructive book scanning process, and then saved as full-text searchable PDF files. This allowed the NCTM to more easily and efficiently share this historical educational information with teachers and its members across the U.S and Canada.

"I am able to provide very quick turnaround when a member requests a copy of an older issue of one of our journals. It is a much-anticipated benefit that enables our members to provide equitable mathematics learning for all students through vision, professional development, and research provided in our older volumes."

Christine Noddin
Publications Assistant
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Do you have large format books or magazines? The Enivation solution uses book scanners that can accommodate a maximum scanning area of 16 inches wide and 24 inches high.

Our approach to scanning focuses on the quality and accuracy of each page we convert, making sure that the documents you store are usable and functional for years to come. Enivation uses high-quality OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to generate fully searchable PDF (Portable Document Format) files so you can easily retrieve information with keyword searches. And by using widely-accessible PDF files, the free Adobe® Reader® software is all that is needed to view your archived documents.

If your organization does not require full-text searchable documents, Enivation's solution can save your books and publications as images in PDF, TIF or JPEG formats. Our output options for your scanned documents and/or images incorporate a number of different types of media.

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