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No house. No chapter. No problem.

Phi Kappa Tau chapter fundraising efforts continue to thrive even after suspension

For decades, Phi Kappa Tau’s chapter at Penn State University has been laying the building blocks to support the fraternity’s mission “to champion a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership and exemplary character.” It has a very committed and dedicated band of brothers who have supported the chapter for years.

When a rash of negative publicity concerning alleged hazing incidents surfaced in the spring of 2015, the chapter was suspended and the house was shut down. This unfortunate set of circumstances, however, didn’t shake the strong support of the chapter’s alumni.  


After a hazing investigation that concluded there was at least one or possibly multiple new members who suffered injuries, Phi Kappa Tau’s chapter at Penn State was suspended by its national organization and the Interfraternity Council. This also left an empty chapter house on campus.


Don’t change a thing. The PSU chapter has followed a consistent alumni communications program for years. This has kept their membership regularly engaged and their overall support for the chapter has not wavered.

I’d venture to guess that this chapter may be raising more money than some of our open chapters.

Tyler Wash
Foundation Executive Director
Phi Kappa Tau


The fraternity’s closed chapter at Penn State, with a strong and dedicated alumni membership group, remains committed to the legacy of its brothers. Despite a suspended chapter and an empty house, this chapter continues to be one of the most successful fundraisers of all the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity groups across the nation. The members continue to be strong supporters of their collegiate chapter.

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