Sigma Chi 13 chapters

If one works, why not 13?

Sigma Chi fraternity chapters build on alumni engagement, fundraising success

In 1973, Sigma Chi Fraternity’s Penn State chapter began a journey that would transform not only how it communicates – and connects – with alumni, but how a dozen other chapter groups would follow in those same successful footsteps.

Whether it is a chapter golf outing back on campus, a week of brotherhood at the University’s football bowl game appearance, or rekindling old memories during alumni weekend, these are the types of events and communications that continue to strengthen the lifetime bonds of these brothers – especially after they leave the chapter house and begin their post-collegiate lives.


Similar to a number of fraternal chapters nationwide, Sigma Chi’s Alpha Chi chapter at Penn State was looking for a way to increase member engagement and keep donations on the upswing.


Over 40 years ago, Sigma Chi Penn State made a commitment to a targeted, consistent alumni communications program. It started by reaching out to chapter members through mail and word-of-mouth, and later using email, social media, and a dedicated website, keeping alumni connected and engaged for the long term.

Many Sigma Chi chapters have gone on to Capital Campaigns, and have found similar success due in large part to a solid foundation of chapter alumni engagement.


Year after year, the chapter saw positive returns in both donors and dollars. In the four-plus decades to follow, and as recently as 2015, twelve additional Sigma Chi chapters have followed the same route as that trailblazing chapter at Penn State. Now, a total of 13 chapters across the nation are seeing positive results in both donor engagement and fundraising dollars.

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