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Alumni Donor Communications Program

Give your members exactly what they want...

Fraternity and sorority members have a heightened affinity for their chapter after creating lifetime relationships with brothers and sisters from their college or university. Re-engage your chapter alumni and grow your donor base through an investment — and a commitment — to consistent, targeted and meaningful chapter messaging.

Getting started

Everything starts with an initial discussion to understand your challenges, determine your goals and then develop a communications strategy that will help you achieve those goals. A very important piece of the puzzle is finding out what's important to your members (using a Creative Brief & Alumni Surveys), and then telling the stories that they care about the most (through custom Content Development).

Creative Brief & Alumni Surveys
Doing our homework to get a clear understanding of what's important to you and your members; building your chapter communication strategy.

Creative Brief

SLIDESHARE: Creative Brief - View the Presentation

Content Development
An experienced team of writers (and storytellers) turns that research into the type of stories you'll want to share with your alumni.


VIDEO: We Are The Storytellers - Telling Your Story

Managing your communications program
A dedicated project manager ensures that all of the communication pieces of the program are delivered to your alumni on time, every time.

Taking a multi-channel approach
One communication channel doesn’t work for everyone, so this Alumni Donor Communications Program uses a number of ways to deliver information to your members:

  • a chapter website
  • email and print newsletters
  • appeal letters
  • online surveys
  • social media engagement

Program analytics
Annual, monthly and ongoing reporting to make sure your alumni outreach efforts are successful.

Are you getting all of this from your current chapter alumni communications program?

Secure your next generation of donors and support the long-term sustainability of your organization, not just by asking them for a donation, but by cultivating a culture of giving.

Success Stories: Alumni Donor Communications Program (ADCP)

Richard Winter Mu Zeta story

Phi Mu Delta fraternity's Mu Zeta chapter institutes a communication plan to help reconnect with members

When Richard Winter walked onto the Lock Haven University campus as a freshman in the Fall of 2006, he started a new chapter in his life. Little did he know that his desire to bring a different fraternity to the small rural campus in north-central Pennsylvania would change the lives of many others.

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"Doing the Dishes" triples annual fund; nearly $4 million raised for fraternity house renovation

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Sigma Phi Delta Illinoins - Engineering

Sigma Phi Delta engineers a better solution, uses outside 'experts' to improve alumni communication.

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PKT closed house

This chapter's fundraising efforts continue to thrive even after suspension, closed house on campus.

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Sigma Chi - 13 chapters

Sigma Chi fraternity chapters build on alumni engagement, fundraising success for more than 40 years.

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Reconnect the Disconnect infographic

Q: What is the North-American Interfraternity Conference Foundation (NICF) Cygnus Comprehensive Research Project?

A: This 2015 Survey is the largest single piece of research ever conducted for Greek organizations.

The survey examined attitudes, opinions and preferences of alumni and supporters of 38 fraternities and sororities. More than 67,000 respondents participated in the national study. This analysis of fraternal foundation support allowed for Cygnus to measure and evaluate changes in giving trends over the last five years.

Recharge your member re-engagement

Just a few key findings from the NICF-Cygnus Research...

  1. Decreased Donor Acquisition
    The number of supporters giving for the first time has fallen by almost 50% in the last four years.

  2. Low Donor Retention
    Only 23% of alumni donors decide to renew their contribution the year following their first gift.

  3. A Dangerous Combination
    Decreasing acquisition + poor retention = the likelihood that alumni donor numbers will continue to decline.

    Alumni prefer to receive consistent, targeted and meaningful communications about their chapter.


I'd venture to guess that (our closed Penn State chapter) may be raising more money than some of our open chapters.

Tyler Wash
Executive Director
Phi Kappa Tau Foundation

Take the next step with NPC's Alumni Donor Communications Program...

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