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The Immersion Advantage

Whether a data breach is large or small, international or domestic, or whether you need individual services or a complete solution, we're ready when you need us.

When a data breach occurs you want to work with professionals who understand that informed and timely communication is critical when making decisions in a sensitive situation. NPC's Immersion® Data Breach Response team has extensive in-the-trenches experience that can only be acquired after handling hundreds of data breach response incidents. Our experience is your benefit.

Our Experience

  • Providing response services for an increasing number of data breach incidents, including some of the largest reported breaches on record, which required the delivery of several million notifications.
  • Dedicated team focusing on understanding data breach industry needs, expectations and regulatory requirements.
  • Professionals with industry-respected CIPP/US credentials, demonstrating a strong foundation in U.S. private-sector privacy laws and regulations.
  • Over 30 years protecting proprietary data and information.
  • Producing and mailing millions of confidential statements annually — containing both PII and PHI — for multiple large government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare and educational organizations.
  • Building long-term relationships since 1954, and in recent years, strategic ties to a vast network of contacts within the cyber insurance and data breach communities.

Your Benefits

  • Confidence that you can trust us to deliver high-quality, cost-effective data breach response services.
  • A responsive and knowledgeable team with the ability to respond to inquiries and requests for quotes within hours, any time of day, any day of the week.
  • HIPAA/HI-TECH compliant workflows and facility, and security clearances for all employees handling PII/PHI to ensure the safeguarding of your confidential information.
  • A 99.9%+ “on-time” delivery rating for mailed notifications with the ability to expedite mailings when timeliness is crucial.
  • Desire to build strong relationships with your data breach response team.

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