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Contact Center Services

Communicate with concerned customers using incident-specific call center services

When someone receives a data breach notification, that individual is going to have questions. We understand the serious nature of these situations and provide in-house, incident-specific call center services — developed specifically to respond to data breach events — to help answer those questions.

Our customer care specialists are trained to handle the sensitive nature of breach response calls. We follow plain-language phone scripts, which are pre-approved by our customers, so we can communicate accurate, easily-understandable information to concerned callers. A responsive operator training program, which includes extensive instruction on HIPAA-related issues, and an experienced on-site call center management staff enable us to offer rapid start-up for all of your data breach contact center needs.

To keep our customers informed throughout the life of a data breach call center engagement, NPC designed a proprietary web-based Ticket Reporting System (TRS) to view call center activity in real-time and manage escalations as they occur. We also provide:

  • Multiple language support for in-bound calls (140-plus languages)
  • Detailed statistics and reports
  • Call recording (if requested)
  • Call-back services when volumes exceed projections
  • Sophisticated call routing capabilities

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