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Mail and Email Notifications

Deliver accurate, timely communications

You need to meet deadlines and have critical stakeholder information delivered on time to satisfy your organization's legal obligation to notify individuals affected by a data breach.

A missed deadline or mistake increases your risk of hefty fines, corrective actions, class action lawsuits and lost business. Partner with a provider who understands what it takes -- and what it means -- to accurately and reliably deliver mail and email notifications.

NPC's proprietary barcode tracking technology with layered levels of notice and mail integrity ensures the right notice goes in the right envelope, and then gets delivered to the right recipient. Our team works closely with your legal counsel or insurer to make certain your message, timing and delivery meet all regulatory guidelines.

Mail notifications

Our dedication to data breach response ensures breach-related mailings take priority, and our workflows can be customized to meet your data breach response team and client needs. We have experience handling some of the largest data breach mailings on record, but we’re also able to accommodate even the smallest of incidents.

When notice matters, we understand that the timely and accurate delivery of notifications is critical to an organization’s legal obligation -- and more importantly -- to its reputation. NPC produces and mails millions of confidential statements containing PII and PHI for some of the largest government agencies, financial institutions, and educational and healthcare organizations, and we maintain a 99.9%+ “on-time” delivery rating for the Government Publishing Office.

Our domestic mail timelines can be flexible depending on your needs, and we can easily take on expedited mailings when necessary. Our international mailing timelines match our domestic mailings, and we have experience using a foreign mail consolidator for large volumes of international mail.

Our proprietary barcode scanning and touch-and-toss systems ensure that individuals receive the right notice, and no two notifications are mailed in the same envelope. Our authorized U.S. Postal Service Plant Load Facility ensures a tight chain of custody. This means that letters mailed from NPC’s secure facility are considered in the USPS mail stream as soon as they are loaded onto one of our trucks for delivery, saving valuable response time when notification is required by a regulator's deadline.

Give customers the ability to self-validate their letters using our Notice Authenticator

If you feel that your clients have additional concerns about scams or further misuse of their personal information, consider mailing your printed letters using our Notice Authenticator feature. This physical feature uses proprietary security technology and heat-sensitive ink to help verify the legitimacy of your printed correspondence.

Learn more about our Notice Authenticator

Email notifications

You can duplicate any mail notification and turn it into an electronic communication targeted to your email address list. The email notification can be designed to closely match the look and feel of your printed notice, and then scheduled to reach your list of affected customers in conjunction with your mail notification date. Comprehensive response reports are provided so you can track the delivery of your email notifications.

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