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Further protect your company's brand — and most importantly, your stakeholders — from fraudulent notices

How do you minimize the concerns of whether a notification letter is real or fake?

A data breach can be a highly stressful situation. Individuals whose data has been compromised may become skeptical or untrusting of communications they receive, fearing they may be part of a scam. When affected recipients do receive a letter from you, it’s important they are able to verify the letter is authentic.

Using proprietary technology and heat-sensitive ink, we can print a security feature right onto the letter so the affected individual can self-authenticate that the letter is legitimate. Our Notice Authenticator feature can be printed in 15 colors and customized to reflect your company name or logo.

Benefits of the Notice Authenticator security feature

  • Authenticates the letter as being an official piece of correspondence from the company.
  • Demonstrates that you are acknowledging the question of authenticity before it comes up.
  • Provides elevated security that instills trust and reassurance in the minds of your notified recipients during a stressful event.
  • Can be printed with your company's name and/or logo

See for yourself...

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