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Return Mail Management

What do you do when notification letters are returned?

Every letter you mail is not going to reach all of your intended recipients. This is an inevitable reality of any mass communication. Anything from invalid address information to the lack of a forwarding address can cause a letter you send to be returned. Depending on the size and scope of a mail campaign, a company potentially could have hundreds, thousands or even more notification letters deemed undeliverable and returned.

Is your in-house mailroom equipped to handle this?

We have years of experience and the systems in place to manage all of your returned mail, process a small or large number of returns, and provide the necessary reports to satisfy your legal obligations surrounding a notification event.

Our return mail management system electronically captures the most relevant pieces of information on all returned letters. We scan and log each letter that is returned, generate a list of all letters that were returned, and offer cost-saving Address List Management services to give you a better chance at delivery on a secondary mailing. We make every effort to help you notify any and all of your affected customers or members.

While security is always a concern, especially in the aftermath of a data breach or notification event, all returned mail is stored and processed in a limited-access area within our secure production facility. We do everything we can to insure the privacy of your customers’ personal information.

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