Secure & Intelligent Documents

Protect your most valuable materials with
ConfiDoc® Secure & Intelligent Document Solutions.

In virtually every industry, some documents must be protected from misuse, theft, alteration, counterfeiting and brand violation. We can help you guard against all those possibilities.

ConfiDocOur ConfiDoc® solutions range from basic copy protection to high-security authentication features. They can include protective features such as special inks, substrates and other innovative techniques. We combine these precautions with security protocols and robust information systems. And we stay at the cutting edge of overt, covert and intrinsic technologies to continually adapt to our customers’ security needs.

As a branded service of NPC, ConfiDoc combines the technology and intelligence of print customization with high security printing to create a single, integrated document. The expertise within our ConfiDoc brand is utilized by our customers to create a security solution that is unique to their individual needs.

ConfiDoc® Secure and Intelligent Coupon Solutions

Coupons are a valuable tool used to build brands, influence new buyers, and win trade support. ConfiDoc Security and Intelligent Coupon Solutions can be a powerful tool for many of your promotional needs. Including solutions for Free Standing Inserts, Consumer Care, In-Store, Event, and Direct Mail, ConfiDoc solutions offer increased consumer interaction, enhanced tracking capabilities, and industry-leading fraud protection.

ConfiDoc brochureConfiDoc® Secure & Intelligent Coupon Brochure
Prevent fraud and enhance customer care with a print on demand solution for high-value and free product coupons.



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Contact our document security specialists today and find out how ConfiDoc can create a secure and intelligent document solution for your organization, and the benefits of using Metro MarketPlace Values for your pay for performance coupon distribution. For more information call us at 800-847-5757 or email