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January 10, 2019

Amanda Bost joins NPC as Director of Business Development for Collection Services


Amanda Bost
Amanda Bost leads NPC’s business development for collection services.

Amanda Bost brings 20 years of experience from the collection industry as she steps into the role of Director of Business Development for Collection Services at NPC, Inc.

She will be responsible for driving the direction of NPC’s sales development and relationship building with top-tier debt collection agencies, providing them with the security, compliance, production and reliable delivery they expect from a vendor and business partner.

“In the collection industry, everything is based on compliance every single day,” Amanda says. “Our services can all easily integrate into the collection world. I think what’s so special about NPC is that we have a lot of those extra features that collection agencies don’t even realize they need.”

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A long history of being security focused and regulatory driven, as well as being committed to on-time delivery for our customers, sets a solid foundation for NPC to create successful business relationships in the collection industry.

“This is the perfect time to bring Amanda on board as part of our commitment to the collection industry, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to NPC. Amanda knows the collection industry and brings the customer perspective on day one. Amanda’s vision, strategy, and track record is exactly what NPC needs to deliver services and product offerings that are most needed in the marketplace today.”
— NPC’s Larissa Crum, Vice President

Before joining NPC Amanda served as Director of Administrative Operations for an accounts receivable management firm based in Ohio. She managed process improvements, corporate expansions, new location openings, human resources, compliance auditing, cost control, internal/external reporting, sales team support, and vendor relationships. Before that she served as a Client Services & Legal Forwarding Manager, and a Client Services Representative.

“Over my last 20 years, I touched every part of the organization and got the full perspective of how a collection agency works,” Amanda says. “I understand their wants and needs, and also understand their frustrations— especially dealing with collection letters. I joined NPC so that I can bring my perspective of the collection industry to a vendor who is passionately committed to creating value for its customers.”

Connect with Amanda…

Email: amanda.bost@npcweb.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amanda-bost

NPC’s Debt Collection Solutions works collaboratively with clients on their communication strategy throughout the debt collection life cycle. NPC invests time and resources to develop solutions that address your unique challenges. We take a proactive approach to deliver custom solutions and personalized service so you can focus on your customers and your business.


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