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Streamline and automate your collection letter processes with a single-source solution so you can focus on maximizing revenue recovery for your clients.

NPC works with large original, 1st party,  and 3rd party creditors throughout the receivables communication lifecycle, saving valuable time and money, all while helping maintain 100% compliance.

We offer solutions throughout the Receivables Communication Lifecycle

  • Content Management

    Easily access all of your templates, seamlessly request and track content changes, and condense the content change process from weeks to days, all from one centralized content management system.

  • Data Hygiene

    Improve deliverability of mail, avoid re-mailing to customers who have already paid, reduce postage costs, limit return mail and enhance your chances of receiving payment.

  • Compliant Print, Mail & Digital Communications

    Maintain compliance and protect your reputation by ensuring 100% accountability for each and every record of the source data file, and validate that 100% of letters are correctly printed, inserted and mailed.

  • Return Mail Processing

    Eliminate the administrative burden of manually processing undeliverable mail, and get detailed insights into mail deliverability, including the number of address changes, mail forwards, and mail pieces returned as undeliverable.

  • Document Archiving, Retrieval & Storage

    Satisfy any auditing requests and empower your customer service team by enabling them to easily search and retrieve documents—all from an archived database containing PDF images of each mail piece—including letter, inserts and envelope.

Rigorous Standards and Controls for Cyber & Physical Security

NPC is committed to safeguarding PHI, PII and other sensitive information from theft or misuse. NPC’s dedicated security team continuously monitors our security infrastructure to ensure adherence to rigorous security standards and protocols for cyber and physical security.

NPC’s Corporate Security Credentials:

  • FISMA NIST 800-53 Rev 4
  • FIPS 140-2
  • Tier 2 / Moderate Background Investigation (MBI) for employees
  • Robust Physical Security
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