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Secure, timely solutions so you can focus on getting the best response rates possible.

NPC has managed and administered large-scale mail survey production and delivery solutions for commercial, nonprofit and government customers for over 20 years. Our goal — and commitment — is to prepare, produce and distribute notifications and surveys to the right person, in the right place, at the right time… on time, every time.

We combine any number of our services — high-volume personalized printing, optimized mail delivery, fulfillment-on-demand, cash incentive management, return mail processing, and data capture — to deliver your paper surveys and help you get results that could help steer billions of state and federally funded dollars to improve the quality of life of people around the world.


    How fast do you need to change direction?


    Are you OK with a near-perfect accuracy rate? We're not!


    Data protection starts long before you ever send us a file.


    Precision and speed with a secure, automated solution.


How fast do you need to change direction?

Whenever your mail survey production is ready to move from one wave to the next, your process needs to be able to pivot and get production rolling quickly. That’s why NPC uses high-speed digital, variable printing coupled with an automated system to compress the time needed to implement an updated address data file to distribute your next round of surveys — eliminating the need for a pull file altogether. The benefits are three-fold: (1) an improved user experience by not sending a survey to someone who already completed one, (2) reduced costs because you’re not paying to produce surveys that have already been completed, and (3) minimized potential of human error by using an automated process. We can help you with all of these scenarios.

  • Digital, Variable Printing
  • High-Volume Production Capacity
  • Mailing Expertise


Are you OK with a near-perfect accuracy rate? We’re not!

NPC practices what we preach, setting our standard at 100% accountability for all letters and incentives being inserted into envelopes. All mail pieces must be correct and accounted for when they leave our production facilities and enter the mail stream. That’s our culture of 100% accountability, that’s our promise to you.

  • Camera Verification Systems
  • Custom Barcode Tracking
  • Touch and Toss


Data protection starts long before you ever send us a file.

Your clients trust you with personal, and sometimes sensitive, data. Protect it. And know that we will, too. NPC takes data, document, physical and personnel security seriously. Numerous safeguards are already in place to help minimize your security risks. Our employees working with sensitive data have up-to-date security clearances — the same ones needed to work on a number of secure government contracts — so we’re ready to start working with you TODAY.

  • SOC2 Annual Assessment
  • File Transfer Encryption
  • Secure Facilities


Precision and speed with a secure, automated solution.

One effective way to increase mail survey response rates is to include a monetary “thank you” incentive inside each envelope. However, inserting even a dollar bill into an envelope with a survey can be very time-consuming — and carries a level of financial risk — but it doesn’t have to. You need a secure, efficient and cost-effective cash incentive management process to deal with potentially tens or hundreds of thousands of dollar bills being injected into your survey production. We have that solution.

  • Automated Process
  • Ongoing Internal Audits
  • Tight Chain of Custody


“For starters, it’s not just a survey. We understand the value of the information you are collecting, and the importance you place on getting the best response rates possible.”


Brad Houseknecht Mail Survey Solutions

Helping you meet your small business requirements…

NPC qualifies for small business status to work on Federal Government contracts under the following NAICS codes (North American Industry Classification System):

  • 323111 – Commercial Printing
  • 323117 – Books Printing
  • 323120 – Support Activities for Printing
  • 511120 – Periodical Publishers
  • 511130 – Book Publishers
  • 511140 – Directory and Mailing List Publishers
  • 511199 – All other Publishers

Mail Survey Production & Delivery

Our goal is MAKING the production & delivery of your mail surveys SIMPLE FOR YOU so you can keep your focus on getting the best response rates possible.
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