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Management of your print, mail and digital communications just got easier.

Trusted with delivering hundreds of millions of the most important customer communications annually.

NPC is a delivery engine for critical information that your customers depend on. We make the management of your print, web and mobile communications easy—saving you valuable time, money and frustration throughout the lifecycle of your communication programs.

We serve various industries including Federal, State and Local Government, High Stakes Testing, Survey Data Collection, Collection Letter Outsourcing and Commercial Printing.

Data & Content Management

Add simple text personalization or create fully variable communications, customized to the end-recipient.

Secure Printing & Mailing

Increase chain of custody control and ensure each mail piece is printed accurately and inserted correctly 100% of the time.

Digital Information Delivery

Complement print and mail with web- and mobile-based communications.

Kitting & Fulfillment

Provide customers with kits and customized information packages.

Return Mail Management

Eliminate the administrative burden of processing returned mail and reallocate valuable organizational resources.

Document-to-Data Conversion

Digitally capture form or survey response data and convert it into usable information.

Some things never change… and never will.

A business that feels like a family.

We’ve been family-owned and operated since 1954, and while what we do continues to change, the NPC DNA remains the same.

Our founders, Barney and Charlotte Barnhart, were passionate about learning and sharing with others. In the early days, they created the “NPC extended family” when they literally invited employees to come have dinner with them around the Barnhart family dining room table. This experience welcomed people to both work and play together, spurring the growth of relationships and fostering trust.

When Barney and Charlotte’s son, current owner and chairman of the board, Mark Barnhart, purchased the company in the 1980’s, he had a vision to expand the foundation his parents built. Since then, The NPC Family has grown to include hundreds of employees who share in the responsibilities and rewards of growing and sustaining a successful company together.

As the third generation of Barnharts join the company’s leadership, we’re more committed than ever to maintaining the family values we were founded on, which are critical to the unique culture and environment we’ve created here.

The core principles of our NPC Family

  • We are honest with each other. We tell “the good” and “the bad” because being honest is how you build trust.
  • We treat each other with respect. Period.
  • We do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.
  • We operate with an “open door policy” where we encourage employees to speak up. We’re all responsible for making NPC a great place to work.
  • We provide a safe and inclusive workplace where employees feel valued and accepted.
  • We help each other get better and succeed.
  • We genuinely enjoy working together.


What can we do for you?

Your ideal solution might not exist. Yet. Contact NPC to learn more.