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"The NPC culture is not too good to be true."

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…Leading things

Building bridges is an important skill

From her earliest jobs, Abbey Wisor knew she was a “connector.” Even while working as a waitress, she found that she enjoyed making others happy and enhancing their experience. That same motivation now allows her to lead others at NPC Inc. through training that enables them, as the company’s mission statement describes, “to improve both their quality of life and standard of living.”

Abbey leads the company’s comprehensive training and development initiative, and she finds her greatest satisfaction in crafting goals that help employees to better themselves. For example, as part of her role, she identifies workers that others rely on for their expertise in certain areas, and she finds opportunities to better utilize their talents.

“We are free to be creative at NPC”

It might surprise her colleagues, who see her confident manner as she leads large-group training programs or as she skillfully nurtures other trainers, to hear that she was once afraid to speak up. Abbey credits Mike Novotny, a supervisor in the Document Processing department where she started her NPC career, with bringing her out of her shell. Mike laughs about her transformation from “a quiet church mouse, to the mouse that roared!” In retrospect, Abbey realizes that she didn’t always recognize the leadership potential that others saw in her, and she feels fortunate to have had strong mentors along the way.

Go where the need is

Abbey’s first position with NPC was as a document processor, and within a few months, she was helping to train incoming candidates to the department. From there, her responsibilities grew to include employee development across the entire organization. Abbey’s ability to simplify the complex is a major reason for her success, says Sherri Steward, NPC’s Director of Human Resources.

“Her enthusiasm can carry on to others,” Sherri notes, which allows Abbey to influence and motivate people around her. “Abbey embraces change, and has a gift for empowering others while maintaining a focus on continuous improvement.”

True leaders don’t focus on titles or rank; they look for a need within the organization and help meet that need. Abbey Wisor embodies that concept, and her career at NPC demonstrates that leaders step up when the opportunity presents itself.

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