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"If you come here with a mindset to work hard and smart, you can and will be successful."

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…Making things better

Always “striving to produce the best product for our customer.”

Linda Berkhimer has a pretty simple recipe for success when it comes to working: “If we work smart and we work hard, we can and will be successful.” This approach, coupled with an open mind and a curiosity to always look for new and improved ways to do things, makes Linda a valuable asset to NPC’s production team.

When Linda first came to NPC, she brought over 37 years of experience in the manufacturing and production industry. Linda was quickly able to use her production skills, attention to quality details, and her “I like to work” mindset to become an important asset to the NPC team.

“NPC is different than anywhere I’ve ever worked before,” Linda explained. “If you want to implement new ideas, management is open to listening and making procedures better and more efficient. If you come here with a mindset to work hard and smart, you can and will be successful.”

Learning the ropes

Linda started at NPC as a night shift employee, working on the packaging end of a machine used to fold different types of paper. She recalls, “It was like nothing I had ever done before.”

Linda’s many years of experience gave her the ability to “always be looking for a new and better way to improve things.” It wasn’t long after Linda began widening her knowledge and training on new machines that she started to figure out ways to produce products quicker and more efficiently.

“Striving to produce the best product for our customer.”

Linda is a master shrink-wrap machine operator for NPC. She begins each day with a thorough machine inspection, checking every single part of the production line and making necessary adjustments to ensure the work she’s responsible for will run at its best. She makes sure all paperwork is complete, all materials to produce the job are available, and all team members have an understanding of the job requirements. Linda’s do-whatever-it-takes approach ensures a quality product, and managers and co-workers recognize her as someone to rely on to “get the job done, and get it done right.”

“What can we do to make it better?”

Linda strives for excellence in her work because she feels “These jobs have to be perfect.” That’s why she is always looking for ways to improve procedures, all while maintaining excellent quality.

Linda also keeps safety in the workplace top-of-mind, keeping her eyes open for chances to submit new safety suggestions that can have a positive impact on NPC’s work environment.

“When you work with Linda, you learn quickly what is expected and how things should be done correctly, and you don’t forget that,” said Dave Williamson, a long-time production supervisor at NPC. “Her attention to detail and approach to her job are quickly evident. You can’t help but follow her work practices.”

Linda has used her strong work ethic and desire to produce quality products for customers to grow into an extremely valuable member of the NPC team. She routinely submits suggestions on how to improve overall quality and run machines more efficiently. And Linda shows no signs of slowing her desire to “continue to look for ways to improve anywhere we can.”

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