Let's Work Together

We take care of the people who take care of the company

Because those same people are the ones who take care of our customers. The foundation of our success rests on trust, openness and building strong relationships with all of our stakeholder groups — employees, customers, partners and our community.

“The core of what makes this organization special and a fun place to work is the fact that we’re focused on our employees.”
– Mark Barnhart, Owner/CEO

Our mission, your opportunity

Our mission statement is the driving force behind what we do, how we do it and who we do it with. We're committed “to provide the means for self-reliant individuals to improve both their quality of life and standard of living.”

Self-reliance, empathy and curiosity
are encouraged… and expected.

We’re looking for teammates with passion, professionalism and a talent for taking a “people-first” approach. The ones who like to help others — both their co-workers and our customers — grow and be successful. Our ideal teammates are people with do-whatever-it-takes attitudes who want to…


The innovators. The design thinkers. The experimenters. The people who see problems as new opportunities, and thrive on developing new systems, processes, solutions and businesses — sometimes from scratch.


The executors. The motivators. The influencers. The people who are confident taking charge of the situation at hand, and thrive on shaping people, programs, projects or sales initiatives — sometimes when the path forward is unclear.


The maximizers. The analyzers. The efficiency and effectiveness experts. The people who have a “leaner, fitter, faster” mentality, and thrive on improving and optimizing the whole — sometimes with very limited resources.

A good question… are you a good fit for NPC?

We look for people with a healthy mix of…


    Do the right things for the right reasons.


    Explore new ideas and sharpen your skills.


    Seek new challenges and expand the possibilities for our customers.

A better question… is NPC a good fit for you?

We’ve created an open environment that feels more like a conversational dining room table than a crowded conference room. Sure, results matter, they’re crucial to our success, but it’s also about learning, working, laughing, friendship, sustainability, community and sharing a meal. It is the fabric that holds our culture together.

Turning opportunity into success…

NPC has access to a picturesque private golf course.

Barneywood, named after co-founder Barney Barnhart, is a relaxing retreat center for the employees, customers and guests of NPC. Employees have access to a beautiful nine-hole private golf course, so grab your clubs and hit the fairways. Not interested in golf? There are plenty of other activities to explore on the sprawling, scenic grounds, like walking, hiking, biking, volleyball and much more. It’s our way of fostering relationships with all of our stakeholder groups.
“When you focus on your people, and focus on doing the right things
for the right reasons, it really is pretty amazing what you can do.”

– Mark Barnhart, Owner/CEO


Let’s work together

Take your career to the next level.