At NPC, it's more than a job. Each one of us is an essential member of the NPC family. You won't just work here. You'll learn. You'll forge your own path. You’ll grow. The best part? We will do this together.

NPC is for the curious and determined.
Innovators and problem solvers. It's for those who choose mission over ego and challenges over mediocrity.

Choosing where to begin, restart, or grow your career is a major decision. It impacts every part of your life. Imagine a company that allows you to discover who you are and promotes a culture guided by mission and values rooted in history. We’re not just looking for people to fit our culture; we’re looking for individuals who can add to it.


To provide the means for self-reliant individuals to improve both their quality of life and standard of living.

It’s a bold and incredibly rewarding mission. One that guides every decision we make. It supports our belief that our employees make the biggest impact on our customers’ success and shape our future growth and transformation.


We consider ourselves “family.” Sure, we aren’t all related, but when you look below the surface, the resemblance is unmistakable. Like any successful family unit, we uphold a set of core values, our north star, to remind us of what matters. Our founders laid a foundation and instilled the principles and ideals that continue to ground us and guide us to the why behind everything we do.

At NPC, it’s our shared values and commitment to excellence that shape who we are, where we’re going, and how we get there. Family means we show up for each other, put team and mission before ego and self, and act with humility and empathy to deliver a shared success that benefits the whole.

These values are more than words. They guide every decision we make and remain foundational in empowering NPC to grow while fostering individual professional growth. 

core values

Values rooted in history that guide and drive us forward.


“Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.” We live by this golden rule. We foster an inclusive environment where we embrace diversity, value one another’s opinions, and treat all people with respect.


We tell the good and the bad. This means leading with transparency and delivering candid feedback with good intent. We stand up for what is just, do the right things for the right reasons, and maintain the courage to make tough decisions to do right by our customers, company, and community. Because through honesty, integrity, and loyalty, we build trust. 


We do what we say and expect others to do the same. That means each one of us has responsibility for ourselves, our team, our customers, and the communities in which we live and work. Together, we own our responsibilities, learn from our mistakes, and celebrate the wins. 


We build learning and opportunity into every role at NPC. We encourage all employees to push company, industry, and professional boundaries to build upon a culture of self-reliance and continuous improvement. So ask the questions. Because it’s okay not to know; it’s never okay to not find out.


As an extended family, we know the journey is rarely about what you do and almost always about who you’re on the journey with. We recognize one another’s strengths, work to build genuine relationships, unlock each other’s potential, and create a greater impact  together.


From health and wellness and financial security to professional growth, our total compensation package is designed to help you be and feel your best.

Market Leading

Comprehensive Benefits Packages

Professional Training & Development


Nine Company Paid Holidays

401k with Company Match

Tuition Reimbursement

Access to Private Golf Course

Generous Paid Time Off

Employee Assistance Program

Computer Purchase Plans

Company Sponsored Events


Challenging work, unlimited opportunity, constant learning, and the support of an empowering work family committed to shared success. There are so many reasons and no better time to start your career journey with NPC!

Which seat will you fill?


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